About Us

Regal Crest Homes Ltd. has an excellent record in renovating residential and commercial spaces. Although we started off predominantly as a home renovations company, we have in the last twenty years been contracted for renovations in hotels, banks, retail stores and offices. We provide value-added construction and service skills to customers for whom infrastructure quality, efficiency and reliability are critical. My job as Owner is to make sure this momentum is maintained.

We are a one stop shop providing all the services you need for your renovation project under one roof. This means the architects are not blaming the builders nor the project managers blaming the engineers, just a team of professionals working together to deliver your project.

In addition, we don’t walk away. Even when the job’s done, we expect that the quality and finish that surrounds you in your home will prompt you to keep us in mind when you’re making further improvements or moving to pastures new. Could be five years, could be ten. But we’re sure that you’ll be back and so will we.

Also, we’ll give you realistic and practical advice, even if you don’t end up using us. Because we have a large team and network of tradesmen we can usually get started on the job within two weeks of signing an agreement.

All our work is guaranteed for 12 months - services are completed as contracted.